Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey all...

I don't have a mixed media project today because I've been a bit preoccupied the past few days while the internet was turned off (due to storms). I could have spent the time creating but I'm still in this pitching and organizing mood so I want to keep at it while I'm in the zone.

The picture above is of my embellishment shelving unit behind my SU storage cabinet. The very top shelf is all stuff to be altered.. tags, board books, etc.

The next shelf is what today's post is about. I'll come back to it in a moment.
The third shelf is all about flowers. As you can see I have quite an assortment. I think they're going to be part of the give-away on Friday... as long as the weather holds so I can post!

I attached a curtain rod on the front edge of that shelf to hold my paddle punches. My MS punches wouldn't fit. They wanted to fall through between the rod and the edge of the shelf. And let me tell you, anything that falls behind that SU cabinet is not coming out easily. So I try to avoid that issue.

The next shelf you can't see well (and I'll give you a closer look in August during the Operation Organization class) But it is full of Nestle Quick containers that hold this and that such as can tabs and binder clips.

The two shelves below that I don't access much as they require moving my SU Markers and Embellishment boxes (still in the creative stages).

Okay... back to today's 'mixed media' project. One of the blogs I visit periodically (not often enough because the man is amazing!) is Curt's World.  Curt was in the process of making several of these cute little boxes to store cards in. He got the idea from Sami over at Scrapmaster's Paradise.  When I saw the posts, I knew I had to take my card storage from this:

to this:

Each box is made from 1 9x12 sheet of card stock plus pieces of DP to embelllish as you desire. I made 19 of these, decorated them accordingly then tagged them using the SU Curly Label punch. Each box will hold approx. 10 cards /w/ envelopes. Because I had so many of some types of cards, I have some of them sans envies. I can grab an envelope quick enough from the stationary cabinet when I need one.

The cool thing is you can see at a glance what theme of card you might be low on. Then when a card challenge comes along, use the challenge to fill in the gaps so you always have THE card on hand you need.

Okay, since I'm in this organization mood, I am over-due for announcing the winner of the book. So here we go...

Only 3 people qualified for the entry. They followed all the rules by commenting, following and linking back to the give away. In order of posting that would be Maggie, Brenda and April.  So I dropped the #3 in (haven't figured out how to do the 'show image' so trust me).

The Winner is .....

#2 - Brenda!

Congratulations sweetie. This gives you two in a row. LOL Wanna try for 3 with the May Basket give away this week? Hehehe

Tell your friends.... Creative Dreams is the place to WIN!
See you tomorrow (hopefully - barring storms) for my Teapot Tuesday.

Creative Blessings!


  1. Cute card storage idea! Great way to visually see what you have and what you need.

    1. I fell in love with them, Nancy. I don't have to flip through all my cards (even though they were separated by occasion). Just pull the box I need. And they add a nice pop of color on the shelf.

  2. cool organization idea. cant wait for your organizational class

    1. Great! As of right now I'm looking at Aug 1 for a start date. I've not determined how many weeks but the class will run on Thursdays. Watch for the button on my side-bar. Hugs!

  3. You did an amazing job on these! They turned out great! I'm so glad that you tried them. They are wonderful aren't they? I have mine on my bookcase too, and they have been a great organizing tool. Thanks for the kind words and the mention! Hugs, Curt

    1. My pleasure, Curt. I don't get to blogs often but something told me to go to yours that day and I'm so glad I did. I'll try to visit more often ;-) Hugs! Kel

  4. I am excited to be the winner! Woo Hoo!!