Monday, May 20, 2013


I don't know why I had set this to run last Thursday. I wanted it to run today, so I've bumped it up.

Okay... I know the Mixed Media thing is a bit off course. I've just been so intent on getting things organized to use them that I've not done the mixed media art like I want to. I guess it's an OCD thing for me that I never realized I had until a couple of years ago. Things have to be 'just right' for me to work.

So for awhile my Mixed Media Monday posts will showcase some of the organization techniques I've been creating.

This week, it's all about Dauber Storage

I knew I wanted to use a dauber for each of my Stampin Up Ink Spots (which they've seen fit to retire - GRRRR!)

The challenge was how to bring the two together. How to store a dauber with its matching color? I didn't want them tossed into a dish to be dug through (that OCD thing kicking in again).  So after a bit of thought, I headed to my local hardware store and came up with these:

These are 9/16" diameter cork disks. They fit perfectly inside the finger hole of the dauber and they have adhesive on the back.  One cork is not thick enough to support the dauber. So I stacked them 2-high:

Then stuck one 'stack' on top of each spot lid:

I store my SPOTS, REFILLS and WaterColor Crayons by color family in their own Sterilite tub - minus the lid:

Next to each of the refill bottles, I have a piece of rubber mat like you put under exercise equipment that has a texture. The box of watercolor crayons store underneath the spot box.

With the retiring of the spots, I'll continue to use the available colors and my favorite colors. I don't think I'm going to purchase the full-size pads. I just don't have the room to store them... not even if I were to use one of those vertical storage units. I'd have to have a place to put that. LOL I'll purchase the refills and create a stamping pad with a dense sponge square whenever I need a color.

All the retired spots (I have all of those from when SU did a complete color family overhaul a couple years ago) are going to get their own daubers. Then I'm going to make a tray out of foam core to store them (along with their refill) with my Mixed Media supplies.

I'd love to hear how you store yours! What works for you?
Creative Blessings! - Kel


  1. that is so inventive and organized. can i be next for your organization of craft areas ? i would love to see what you would do with my space

    1. And my travel list grows LOL Stay tuned... I might have a solution ;-)

  2. Just dropping by to see if we have any other early posts
    have a great sunday


  3. GREAT idea Kelly!!! I hate digging for those daubers also.