Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This week's challenge instructed us to think Star Trek. Okay.. I'm not a trekky nor have I ever been. And I find it hard to even think about Star Trek without having images of Leonard and Sheldon. Come on, you know you do, too LOL

Our card this week is for a Trekky - Rich. Please read his heartbreaking story HERE

Not having any Trekky stamps I went in search of a graphic. Using graphics for putting on social media sights is tricky. And I'm hoping the guys don't want to sue me for uploading it here. However, the image is for a wallpaper which is FREE to download and I'm linking back to the website so hopefully they'll get some traffic. The variety of items (not just wallpapers) on StarTrekDesktopWallpaper is some of the best I've seen. The details are amazing. These guys really put thought into their offerings. Please go check out the site and send your Trekky friends! Give y'all something to do while you wait for the release of the movie :-)

I used the ruler on my word program to resize the graphic of the Starship Enterprise to 5" which automatically brought the sides to 3.75" After printing out the graphic I ran it, along with the hologram CS through my 5" Xyron sticker maker so I'd get a good adhesion to the SU Black CS. I added some misc. gold ric rack over the new grey braid trim from Michaels ($1 bin). The Sentiment is from Gina K Designs. The image is suppose to fit inside a circle design but I cut the 3 words apart and lined them up to fit within the confines of the SU window tag punch.

Inside there is a note for Rich directng him to the website so he has a fun place to cruise when the Klingons have zapped him of his energy force. 

Beam Me Up!


  1. too cute. im sure he'll just love it . very thoughtful. wonderful details on the gray braid trim with the gold ric rack

  2. Thanks! Some people frown at me when I say card lo's come easy to me LOL I knew what I wanted to do.