Monday, May 27, 2013

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Creating Space!

We all have these... close to every stamping/ scrapbooking/ paper art magazine we've ever purchased. Something in the publication caught our eye and we just had to buy it. MAYBE we'll make the project we liked... maybe not. But one thing that does happen... they ACCUMULATE.

Monday posts last year were called - Magazine Monday - where I showcased my version of a card or project culled from the various magazines taking up space on my shelf. There were still some projects I wanted to keep for reference, but I need the shelf space. I plan to get the back copies of the Stampin UP catalogs out of the file drawer (they're curling & the drawer is full) and put them on the shelf where I can access them for inspiration or look up stamps someone might have for sale.

I spent two evenings with the TV marking my 'keeper' projects with post it strips. Then I spent the next afternoon copying them. Unless I felt the detail really would stand out better in color, I copied everything in B/W. I sorted them into 5 Categories: Cards, Tags & Calendars, Projects, Tutorials, Quotes & Patterns.

When I was done copying, this is what my desk looked like:

I copied the Title of each category on the front of the blue paper and put them in a 1.5" Durable Binder by Avery. And I added something I very seldom use... Pretty, plastic dividers. I always buy the inexpensive paper ones but I decided after all this work, I deserved a little treat ;-)

I'll continue to add the print-outs from Pinterest. With each print-out, I'll make note of the blog or designer so when I do create my version I can link back to them. 

And because none of the magazines were damaged, I can pass them on to another paper artist.

Creative Blessings!


  1. Great idea Kelly! I never thought about copying the articles. I usually just rip them out of the magazine. LOL I like the copying idea better as they are all the same size (not uneven like when I tear them out). Have fun with those grandkids!! Enjoy!

  2. Fabulous idea. I have so many magazines myself, I've been trying to figure out what to do with them. I didn't keep ones that I didn't want to pass on to anyone since I really don't have anyone to pass them to, so they went to the recycle bin.

  3. Thanks for stopping in, ladies! I hear you on the uniform size, Brenda. The other thing is (though mags have gotten better) sometimes part of the directions are in one spot then completed further in the mag or printed on the reverse of something else you want to keep.

    Maggie, when I'm through all of mine, I'm going to post a note on FreeCycle. I also thought about taking into the library. If they don't put them in their free box, they'll put them on their monthly boo sale for .10 a piece... netting some profit for the library.

  4. Hi! Stopping in to say hello!

  5. hi just dropping by to say hi to you and the grandbabies

  6. great organizing as always down sizing is your specialty I think