Monday, February 23, 2015

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Documented Life

NOTE: I had hoped to have some actual pages done to show you this week but I'm on a deadline with my first BIG freelance assignment so I've not done any art work or 'staging' for the Organzied Challenge that I had hoped to this weekend. 

I know I've shown this picture before but I wanted a quick reference. Those long notepads are  my To Do List. And so far they are working out perfect!

This is my Desk Set. I attach the weekly page from the DL planner to the clipboard and keep it handy. You can see at the top of the page I've designated lines to list the Blog numbers of the WOYWW blogs I visit each week. I can also see at a glance if there is anything special I need to pay attention to such as the Reindeer Club coming up on Wednesday. Wednesdays are bad days for me so I will probably move my Christmas card making day to Saturday this month where I can catch up on Januaray's and February's cards.

The other thing is the Montly list pad from the B & N Kit. I have written the day/ date at the top of each one and keep the notepad on my side pull-out. This is where I list EVERYTHING that I either need to do or get accomplished on that day. I also include phone calls and password changes.

At the end of the week, I remove those seven day To Do's and the Weekly page from my desk.

I turn the Weekly page over and adhered the To Do pages on the back using Washi Tape. I'm not positive I like this because I'm finding some Washi does not stick as well as others. Once I'm in the studio I will pay closer attention to the ones that work better and stick to those brands for most everything. 

I continue to layer in the 7 days of To Do's until the back of my Weekly page looks like this:

You can see how each page is stair-stepped just a margin's width out from the one below it and that I can just fit the 7 days. Behind the weekly page I include Swap outline sheets and anything else that was a part of tht week. 

For things like those swaps and other documentation I LOVE the kits from BoBunny. Although you can't see the picture well, this is taken from BoBunny misc me! life journal - Vintage Note Paper. Click the link then click on the Vintage Note Paper to enlarge and see the beautiful variety of papers in this pack. I keep the entire pack on the clipboard below my Weekly Page 

Since this is Monday, I have a new week of tasks begging to be done so best get moving!
Creative Blessings!

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  1. You are so organized! Love your little cute desk set. Good luck on your Free lance assignment! Hugs!