Thursday, February 19, 2015

TANGLED THREADS & TECHNIQUES - Mitten Tree Project continues

The mitten tree project is an on-going project. While I was in Springfield last week I had to stop in at Walmart and they had hats/ gloves marked down to $1 each. I picked up 4 sets of each of these three colors then took them back to crafting to pick out yarn tht would match. I'm not thrilled with the true red but red is one of those colors that is just hard to match perfectly. I couldn't match the teal blue at all - EXCEPT in this varigated. The varigated is working up nicely. I've done one scarf (minus fringe) and started a second.

Since winter stuff is beginning to clearance, I have pulled out one of each of the sets of gloves below (purchased last year) to see if I can match them to hats. Otherwise I'll be crocheting a lot of hats. Buying the hats is a lot cheaper than buying the yarn... and faster.

There are 26 pairs in all:
Gray - 7 pr
Hot pink - 3 pr
Teal - 1 pr. (think this and the burgundy will be the easiest to match hats too)
Chartreuse (top right) - 4 pr
Cream - 3 pr
Burgundy - 1 pr
Black - 4 pr
Purple - 2 pr
Pink stripe - 1 pr.

These, combined with what I have done already only gives me 41 sets for The Mitten Tree project so I'll need to pick up 11 more pair of hat/ gloves if I want to do 52 for the year.

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  1. That is a lot of mittens! I am sure they will appreciate them.