Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TECHNIQUE TUESDAY - Cupid Secret Sister made me!

My Cupid Secret Sister was Susanne in MA. She is very creative as you can tell by this item above. Remember, at least one item had to be handmade with a Valentine theme. Susanne painted the little bird house with the love birds. There is suppose to be as sign above the opening that says Bob & Kel. I need to reattach that. Two very long streamers of ribbon/ beads/ hearts come from the base of the bird house.

As you can see from this picture, the streamers stretch over 7' !! Bob is holding the birdhouse up in front of the door way frame that leads to the new office.

Aside from the handmade item, I also received these fun toys...

First thing Bob did was hang his head when I pulled out the Washi Tape LOL That little thing that looks like a house on it's side by my tape runner is actually a book mark. There is an SU owl punch in the background. I've been wanting that punch for a long time. Chocolate, clothespins, twine, fiber and flowers. Alsso a key ring that will come in handy when I'm traveling. Beneath the flowers there is a package of paper doilies and the stone walk path stencil I had on my list.   Over all, Susanne did a fabulous job of treating me to a great Valentine  box of goodies!

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  1. Looks like you really scored big time from your Secret Sis! Such fun. And the birdhouse is just adorable.