Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We are always looking for new ways to organize our crafting supplies. These thin dies seem to be a challenge. We need an easy access to them without worrying about them getting warped or bent. I am just getting started with these dies so I don't have a lot... only 8 sets, in fact. But I only buy things I know I will get multiple uses from. 

I got the idea for this storage from Tiffany Spaulding and crew at The Scrap Rack.  Last year she came out with the Die-Namic Storage and I fell in love with the concept... except for one small issue. The die storage sheets are tacky, like the old 'magnetic' photo albums. I saw a potential problem with this (for me personally). The tackiness may wear out after a few times of removing/ replacing the dies. What I do like about the Die-Namic storage is the slender, flip style of the pockets. 

A couple of other companies, such as ArtBin, use magnetic sheets for storing the dies. I liked this idea much better so I decided to combine the two into a less-expensive version of both.

I chose the gusseted similar to these from Office Depot. These run just under $6. I know you can buy these at $ Tree but I wanted something a bit more sturdy and as I won't need 10 or 12 (as I know some of you might hehe), I opted to pay more for durability. 

Each envelope pouch will hold 13 sheets.  I bought magnet sheets from Michaels (never could find the less expensive, larger sheets at the home improvement store. I was told they were out of 'season') 

I cut each sticky-backed sheet  8.5 x 4.75 and adhered to a sheet of chip board (recycled from backs of tablets and other sources). 

There is room in the pocket behind the mat sheet for any recipe/ description sheets from the packaging. 

I can slide these on the shelf below my cutting station 'book' style, taking up less than 1.5" of space on the shelf!

This is one of many 'new' organizational ideas I'll be sharing in the coming weeks as I finish putting the new studio space together.
Creative Blessings!


  1. I use the magnetic sheets for the heating/ac vents. I don't remember what time of year I bought them. I didn't realize they had a season!

  2. Nancy, that is what I use , too. Kelly, you have a great idea, that works for you. I have mine in notebooks. Will have to show mine sometime on my Blog. Hugs.

  3. Love your idea...can you come over and help me convert!?! LOL