Friday, October 16, 2015

FRIDAY FREEBIE - The Scrap Rack Get Organized Challenge Fall 2015!

The ScrapRack Organized Fall Class has begun. Tuesday was our first of six lessons. One of our assignments was to create our Big Benefits Board.  These are the GOALS we want to accomplish over the next six weeks AND set a REWARD for each of those GOALS.

Normally this class is an 8-week course:
     The Basics -get acquainted with the 4-Section System, make our Big Benefits Board and
                           begin to gather all of our supplies.
     Piles of Paper - Create our sorting templates. Sort 8" stack of paper
     Embellishments - Using the sorting templates, sort the embellishments AND 4"-6" of paper
     Photos - Create a Filing system for photos and sort them AND 4" of paper
     Memorabilia - Sort & Label ScrapRack inserts, Sort 1 Container of stuff and 4" of paper
     Stamps & Punches - Catalog punches (including cricut & dies) Sort 1 Container of stuff
     Inks, Pens, Colors - Consider Storage of these & Catalog. Purge ones that don't work
     Crop On! - How to pack for a crop or retreat

I don't know how Tiffany is squishing these 8 into 6 classes but since I've been through this class three or four times already, I have  a handle on a lot of things. I just need to get stuff put into the rack.

My rewards for each of the weeks last fall included:

Although I didn't complete all of the challenges AT THE TIME, over the course of putting the studio together I've acquired all of the items. So this time around I have different rewards.

So here is my Big Benefits Board this time around:

The Big Benefit: Have an Organized, Inspiring Space

Each of the tabs with the crown are a pull-out with my reward for that week. I'm not peeking to remind myself what I get each week, but here are the things I've chosen:

Art Day (this is for week one so EARNED)
$25 Tim Holtz shopping
$100 Travel money
Movie Night
Game Night
$50 Travel

The travel money is important as I am planning several trips in 2016 so starting to stash that cash back now.  And for completing all 6 lessons - something I've never done before, I'm rewarding myself $200 in Travel Cash. 

I'm posting this on our 2011 Get Organized Challenge FB page then hanging the constant reminder to keep me moving forward.

Are you getting organized? Share what you are doing to make your space more inviting and inspiring!
Creative Blessings!

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  1. Kelly, this sounds very interesting. I am constantly organizing and reorganizing. LOL. Currently, I just ordered a combo pad, re-inker, marker holder for 48 colors. Can't wait to get that! Hugs