Monday, October 26, 2015


Last Thursday was Bob's birthday. He wanted to go to Springfield to shop for a gun barrel. His birthday wish put me in proximity to lots of shopping options. I did 'shop with intent' as I'm learning with the S2S thread on Splitcoast Stampers and through the ScrapRack.

I'm building my stencil supply and couldn't pass up these lacy designs in the Christmas section at DEALS. Over time I'm sure the glitter will flake off but that will not hurt the stencil any.

Mostly, I was on the hunt for things I could use in my 2016 Glam Planner. I'm saving the planner specific items for another post but here were some of the little extras I found:

These are actually tiny vials of nail art. There are punch shapes, angel hair flakes, fine glitter, micro beads and chunky glitter. I found these at Dollar Tree and my first thought was cute additives for shaker cards. I picked up several of each.. Some will be included in a Spring Giveaway coming up after the new year.

I got these from the $1.50 tower bins at Michaels. They are adhesive border strips in pretty metallic. They'll be awesome on cards or decorating my planner. I bought one of each of the colors available.

Everything in this picture came from Hobby Lobby except the embossing folders. Not sure why they got in this picture. LOL I bought a 4-pack of Tim's distress ink spots at Michaels a couple of weeks ago on their Halloween 50% off (which is still going on in case you want to make a trip). So I needed the tin. The foot ball stickers and notepad will go in with my planner stuff. The heart charms I picked up in case I do any more book promotions. Just wondering where these hearts were at when my book came out last year. They would be perfect as a give away since a heart on a chain is a token in the book.

And a close up of the two embossing folders I got at JoAnns:

I thought both of these would be great for a more elegant style card.

I always pick up 5 packs of the Studio G pop dots when I'm at Michaels. I won't run out for awhile. The smaller tape runners and package of glue dots are for my planner kit.

And lastly, I found these cute candy-stripe med. clothes pins and the gold washi tape at TJ Max. I plan to string the clothes pins on twine for hanging our Christmas cards this year. In past years we have always taped them around the doorway of the living room. Between the blower for the heat kicking on and the cats thinking everything belongs to them, this is no longer an option. The clothespins will be perfect. 

And if you think that's all the washi tape I came home with... well.... The rest I'll be showing in a planner post later. I will tell you two things.

DEALS had an excellent selection.
TARGET  has a new stash hitting their $1 bins. If they've not materialized yet, they are in the back room waiting to be put out. I found an errant one in the office supply and the guy checked... only to inform me it hadn't come out yet and that someone had probably picked that one up at another target and brought it back to this store. Hmmm... why would anyone buy Washi then RETURN it? LOL Whatever.. just if you are into Washi... keep an eye on your local Target $ bins. 

That's all I have for today. I'm already behind on stuff.. as is usually the case when Bob is home. But I wouldn't trade my time with him for anything on this computer. Life is too precious. 
Creative Blessings!

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