Thursday, January 21, 2016


For the past three years, I've been donating to the Mitten Tree at our local bank. Between mid-November and mid-December, a Christmas tree sits in the bank lobby awaiting to be decorated with hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, even socks. A couple of days before school lets out for the Christmas holiday, the employees take the donated items to the grade school where they are handed out to students.

I came from poverty and I remember wanting clothes like the other kids wore - but more importantly I craved for my clothes to match. So I make a point of creating 'sets' for the kids. I package them up with a tag that says 'Warm Winter Wishes' and cute snowmen.

I start the process in February when hats and gloves/ mittens go on clearance for .50 each. Then I purchase yarn in colors to match. The next eight or nine months are spent crocheting scarves to complete sets. This is my tv time in the evening, when the cats allow.

This year I delivered 26 sets to the Mitten Tree. My goal had been 50. While I fell short of my goal, there were still some very warm youngsters as a result. I also have the beginnings of 26 sets here for 2016. So far I've crocheted 6 sets.

My Thursday posts will be sporadic for awhile as I strive to put the final items away in the studio. I swear that room is like a clown car. Just when I think I've found the end... something else appears to be put away. But I'm getting there :-)

And Enjoying the Journey .... most days hehe
Creative Blessings!


  1. Kudos to you, Kelly for making 26 children warmer and happier! I know how much effort that takes and how busy you are! Thank you for inspiring the rest of us! Although, I won't be crocheting! Nice to see you posting.

  2. Kelly, What a beautiful post and I love that they each get a "matching" set. I agree with Sharon, very inspiring! I occasionally crochet. Someday I will learn how to read a pattern :-)

  3. What a wonderful tree your bank outs up every year. Such a great idea to make complete sets that match.

  4. What a fabulous project this is for you to do Kelly I know the kids are grateful.