Monday, June 27, 2016


I am making progress.  These 6 spinders represent every colored embellishment I own... that I've found so far. Bob and I have dubbed the room the 'Clown Car' so there is potential for more items to become unearthed that need to go in these page categories.

I'm now working on the sorted THEMES items.

While these pages are empty in this picture, trust me, they were covered with all kinds of paper-style embellishments, stickers, etc. in categories from Animals - Travel and everything in between. Themes does NOT include holidays. Those fall under the Calendar Year. 

I am beginning to rethink how important my 'cutting station' position is. I may need to move the ScrapRack to allow room for at least one more extension base. I'm going to hold off putting things on the base until EVERYTHING is sorted, in pages and on spinders (the 3-ring strip). 

With Bob gone, I am determined to make serious progress on this room before he gets home. When will that be? We have no clue. One of the pilots has ridden the boat for 7 weeks. I don't think I can have Bob gone that long :-D

As soon as I get a couple of blog posts up, I'm back to getting all these items into pages and onto spinders. 

I'm anxious to get back to actually MAKING art instead of sorting the supplies :-)


  1. Wow, an amazing fear of organisation going on there! Hope Bob isn't away for too long. Cara x

  2. You are soooo organised, Kelly! My studio is total chaos at the moment and it's getting so I can't move in there. I need to spend a good long time tidying up. Yours is looking so great!