Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WOYWW #366

Wow!  Seems like I just got around to some of your blogs and here it is time to visit again. Wondering what I'm chattering on about? Each week we are blessed with opportunity to visit other creative spaces around the world, courtesy of Miss Julia. While our sweet travel director is on a medical hiatus, her friend Jan (LunchLadyJan) is helping us along. You can hop over to her blog to see where to go from here. So, When you are done visiting me in the Ozarks, please hop on over to Lunch Lady Jan where she has a long list of other studios you can peek into. No standing on an up-turned milk pail to look in the window. We open the doors wide and welcome you. J  I can't wait to peek.

This week my desk is in prep for a new project. I recently became a Stampin' Up hobby demonstrator. While I'm not out to break sales records (like my up-line, Brandy Cox, who just made the Million Dollar Club), I do want to keep up an on-line presence and get orders on-line to help off-set my costs.

Beginning tomorrow, we have a special on Paper Pumpkin that will only last for 31 hours! That's a flash sale, for sure. So I want to get a Paper Pumpkin post up on my SU blog today... right after I get some plants moved in the garden.

So here's my desk:

Aside from the Paper Pumpkin kit, I also have the card mat file I completed last night. I started out just wanting swatch cards to use when photographing my projects. While in the process, I decided if I'm cutting into a full sheet of CS, I may as well get that mat box started that I've always wanted. Now when I cut into a full sheet of CS for something, I can size the rest of it for future projects and file by color. 

That's on my desk. What's on yours? Please leave a number and I'll do my best to get 'round. Bob still isn't back to work (but we're getting closer, I think) nor is my arm completely healed so my visits will be limited again ::: sigh :::

Creative Blessings! Kelly


  1. OH, no don't cut into a whole sheet of CS! I am such a paper hoarder! LOL Thanks for the peek Kelly! And good luck with your SU endeavor. And look , I am #6 this week!

  2. A card mat box is a very clever idea. Have fun creating! Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #35

  3. Looks like you're gearing up for some creating there. Don't overdo it and take good care of yourself. Cara x

  4. Your arm is still not completely healed. What a bother! I hope it sorts itself out soon. Just take it easy.
    The orange box looks intriguing. The photo is a bit blurred so I can't see very well.... But orange is my favorite colour (Dutch national colours).

  5. Love the box idea! Blessings with the Stampin Up endeavor! Just have fun, it will make it all worth while! Best wishes for continued healing! Blessings, Felicia #50

  6. Wonderful box, looks creative and inspiring! Love the orange color too.
    Sorry to hear about your arm, get well soon!
    Happy woyww
    Victoria #44

  7. Oh, go on....cut into it! I'm a great believer in using the newest stash, the best China, the loveliest jewellery. Don't save things for a rainy day...use it now!! My best advice there, lol :-D
    What a pain (literally) about your arm, go careful with it, won't you?
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  8. The mat file box sounds like a great idea. Sorry to hear about your arm and hope it's much better soon. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

  9. Hope you arm is better soon. Good luck with the Stampin' Up. I don't think I'm social enough to do it lol.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #4

  10. Have fun with all the new Stampin' Up stuff you will be getting, LOL.

  11. Paper pumpkin kits are always a nice surprise. Good luck with your SU.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  12. Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for showing your desk.
    Tertia #46

  13. Congrats on becoming and SU demo. Color me jealous! You'll have fun with it I'm sure. SU has so many wonderful things and those Pumpkin kits to boot.

    Thanks for the visit this past weekend. I got that heavy paper holder off the top of my carts and the bottom drawers still won't open. I'll probably have to empty out the carts and mess around with them and hope that works! I've had a paper holder on top of my carts for years, but they used to be on tile not carpet and it was the smaller paper holder and there used to be a third cart to help hold the weight. I'm hoping I didn't destroy those. PJ #47

  14. I'ms sorry to read about your arm Kelly - but that makes me even more grateful you made it to mine, thank you.

    Congratulations on becoming a demonstrator. Does that mean you literally get paid to play with new goodies? Fab stuff!

    Have a great rest of the week :)

    Carmen x #55

  15. Hello Kelly. Congrats on becoming a demonstrator and good luck with your sales. I so love the idea of card base box, cut and ready to go. A thanks for visiting my blog earlier and leaving me a comment. I still have the just as the bomb left it but today it is raining and I am determined to clean it up. Hope your arm feels better soon and have a wonderful day. Hugs ~Anne L#3