Friday, September 29, 2017


Tuesday was my birthday. I spent the entire day shopping at my leisure. At one point I was in Hobby Lobby thinking I needed to figure out what I wanted and get out.. then I remembered I wasn't on a time table, no one was waiting for me... I could take as LONG as I WANTED!  So I kept looking... and it cost me LOL

Hobby Lobby has all of their planners 30% off through Saturday September 30th (tomorrow) BUT...
and here's where it gets fun... 

The Petals & Blooms Planners from The Paper Studio are 50% Off because ALL The Paper Studio items are 50% off!

I found this lovely corral.

First, let me say I wasn't shopping for a 'nice' planner. I need a planner strictly for my work with Oghma Creative Media. As the Marketing Director I have to track new releases at least eight months out so that I can work backwards on the marketing campaign for each book. 

Last week while at Hobby Lobby I found a spiral bound of their brand on clearance for $10.97 (originally $29). The planner had Month on 2 Pages plus Week on 2 Pages. For the most part I'm a daily girl but for the publishing thing, the Week on 2 will work best I think. I picked up the planner because it would work great as a Meal Planning vehicle. 

Since I was making the drive back to Poplar Bluff (120 miles round trip) to buy my birthday present, I decided to pick up another one to use for Oghma.. Then I spent time looking at all the new planners! 

As I thought about the difference between the two, I determined that I could spend $10.97 for the spiral that I'd have to pitch at the end of 2018... or spend $20 (normally retails for $39) for this lovely Petals & Blooms that I could REFILL at the end of the year. This one also looks a bit  more professional. 

Now, while this looks lovely in it's own skin, I had to personalize the front just a bit. I thought about the new decals from Carpe Diem but then I walked the bead isle looking for charms and found this lovely from the Poetic Spirit line by Bead Treasures

So Me, fits perfect with Oghma Creative Media because we publish Saddlebag Dispatches magazine - of which I am also Marketing Director. I'm using a thick glue - like E6000 to adhere the charm. If for some reason I am no longer working with Oghma, I will always be working in the music promoting business (which I do and have been for the past 30 years on and off) in Classic Country/ Bluegrass/ Americana/ Texas Swing then this planner will still work for that.. or just ME in general.

This planner comes with the Month on 2 Pages and the Week on 2 Pages:

I like the quality of the pages. They aren't thin or flimsy like copy paper. But they aren't as heavy as the DCWV planner pages either. A nice medium. 

Speaking of DCWV, I purchased a pack of their dailies, thinking I could just insert them in each week. Well... they are too wide for this planner.

 So back to HL they go. I don't recall seeing dailies for this planner.. unless they were just out. Which is a possibility. For now, I'll just insert a daily To Do list when I need to.

I purchased a packet of pockets from The Paper Studio agenda 52 line (I couldn't find these on-line)

I added these magnetic bookmarks until I can make my own.

For a treat, I added this set of stamps:

I have stamps for just about everything in my planner. But this set had some girly girl stuff - reminding me of self-care such as doing my nails and that because I work from home, doesn't mean I shouldn't make myself up once in awhile ;-)

I've already started putting the planner together and using it. We have a lot of amazing books coming out in the next six months and I wanted to get a jump on the game. Also, after taking the whole summer off, my boss isn't happy so when we meet up in October at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference, I want him to see that I am not just getting caught up but ahead of the game as well. 

Are you a Planner? If so, do you have a planner line you like over another? I'd love to hear.

Creative Blessings!


  1. Looks like a great planner. And I absolutely LOVE the magnetic bookmarks.

  2. Wow, great buy and I love the personalisation. I'd love a planner but can never figure out the best way to utilise one. Think I need to go on a course!

  3. I always used a big planner when teaching and just can't get out of the habit so I treated myself to a real leather Filofax which I've had for ages now and it's easy to get replacement pages so it was worth the extra cost. Have a great week, Angela xXx