Friday, July 21, 2017

FRIDAY FREEBIE - Camp Reset Essentials

Hey Everyone! Welcome back.

When I was young, I went to camp and later as an adult with my Girl Scout troops. But planning for Camp Reset has been a blast. I'm PLAYING!

The idea behind Camp Reset is to take time for ME. While some might think this is a crazy time for me to do this challenge, in a lot of ways it is the PERFECT time. I'm giving about 98% of my time to the girls but I have to breathe now and then. Camp Reset is my respite from the crazy summer I wouldn't trade for anything.

Okay, reminder of my basket:

We were given a Packing List in our Welcome packet. I've included some of those things and eliminated others. Choosing my own instead.

You see that adorable cat sitting proudly on top? I picked him up when we took the girls to the zoo. Haven't named him yet but it will come to me. You also see edges of things peeking out. So let's check out the packing list:

Stickers from The Paper House and Stickabilities

Bin for Camp Essentials - check
Snacks & Sips.. I just make a trip to the kitchen prior to my quiet time.
Candle/ Diffuser/ Fluffy Socks - I'm eliminating. I have a Sensa pot in my office with a lovely vintage lilac
Bubbles - check (Bought a HUGE bubble wand at $Tree)
iPad and Kindle or books for reading - check
Book about healthy diet/ exercise/ emotional well-being - check
Magazines about health/ crafting/ spirituality - check
Word Search Books - I'm going to practice Zentangle instead. Have tons on my Pinterest board
Mud masks/ beauty treatments - check
Pencil pouch - check 
Journal - check
Planner or TN - check
Retreat Crafty Girl PlayKit - I've chosen to use some of her products and other stickers I already have
I've also included two stamp sets that are camp themed, ink spots and small scrub pad

You saw my planner yesterday, with a journal insert. So let's see what's in the pencil pouch:

Glue stick, tape runner, scissors, ink spots & scrub pad (in the tin) and two roller stamps with appropriately themed quick messages.

Here are the two stamp sets:

I'm using a 1/2 case from Stampin' UP! to hold six rolls of washi tape for adhering stuff to the pages:

I also have an 8.5" x 11" page protector with a sheet of cardstock in it for sturdiness. I keep some stickers as well as the printables from Cori for us to use in our planners. 

Here are the three magazines I've chosen:

A little retreat inspiration for the backyard

Appeared to have some good articles as well as quotes and pictures I could put in the journal.

The premier issue of The Pioneer Woman. Ree shares some great recipes both here and on her blog that I want to try. I've been to The Merc in Pawhuska though the line was way too long to try the food. Next time!

And finally, though not 'healthy', this is my SIP.  I found it at Walmart for $5. There is Peach Schnapps in my future. :-D

While I was late 'getting to camp', I am enjoying the journey and super excited to be sharing it with my sissy, Kitty. Newly retired, she needed a little burst of something and we're doing it together!


  1. Looks like you're going to have fun x

    1. I didn't get into the process as much as I'd have liked, Cara. I'm all about the girls right now. Some of us are going to do it again in September.