Monday, July 31, 2017


Okay, I got nothin' today. At this point my focus is keeping the Stampin' UP! blog current.There are so many things I want to work on but just not enough hours in the day. However, if you read to the bottom, there is something for the art journaler.

We are down to the final 26 days of the girls being here. They still have their summer school pages to do and I'm trying not to be a mean grandma and throw in as much play as possible.  We were pretty light on the school stuff til I realized my eldest (1.0) missed a lot of 2nd grade... and she's going into 4th, which she is not prepared for in a lot of ways. I'm focusing mostly on learning her times tables or division is going to be her undoing. I know if she gets the tables, she'll be much more confident in her work.  And the stay-at-home dad... well, he's been a good day but not so much at getting her ready for Kindergarten. While the youngest (2.0) can sing her ABC's, write her name and three or four other simple words, she can't recognize most of her ABC's out of context. Yet she wants to learn simple addition. Go figure!

Yesterday here, was all about canning tomatoes. Not a lot, mind you. We had 30 tomatoes from the garden that 1.0 picked, I wound up with only 3 pints of diced tomatoes.  After school work this morning, we have errands to run then I'll put them on an art project for the SU blog, but one I will share here as well.

While at Michaels last week I found preprinted canvas' by Creatology for $5 each. They are 10 x 10 and there were three or four designs to choose from. I'll show you later in the week what the girls painted. They are a kit, meaning they come with the paint cups, paint pallet and brush. My first thought was watercolor crayons but then I remembered that SU doesn't have the crayons any more but they do have the pencils. When they were on short supply last year, I ordered a couple of extra sets so the girls will have one set to work with. They will get to see the magic of watercolor pencils on a larger image, I'll have a blog post (or two hehe) and something from them to put in my office.

Of course, I've gone through the entire Michaels Ad as well as catagories you'd think to find the product AND a product search without any results so I'll take pics of the kit and have those later in the week when I show you what they did.

8 1/2" x 11" Hardcover Sketchbooks

These handy sketchbooks are only $5!!  They are great for everything from basic journaling to mixed media (with a gesso treatment for really wet applications).  By Aritst Loft, these 8.5" x 11" hardcover journals have 110 pages in a stitched spine. I bought two. I know, I don't need another art journal but at $5, who can pass them up?

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