Thursday, July 20, 2017

THURSDAY THREADS - Traveler's Notebook - Graphics loaded

 Earlier this month I joined not one but two creative challenges. Camp Reset and One Book July

One is Camp Reset - the brainchild of planner/ crafter/ encourager - Cori Spieker aka The Reset Girl. If you've even glanced at planner stuff in the craft stores you've probably seen some of her product designs distributed through Carpe Diem by Simple Stories.

Our first task was to create an Essentials bag/ basket of things we would use on our Self-Care journey throughout the month of July in the Camp Reset Challenge. Here's my Essentials basket. I'll be explaining more about the contents tomorrow.

The other challenge is One Book July.  THIS video is by one of the three creators of One Book July with a fun take on how the challenge works.  I am using ONE book - ONE pen - ONE 'Go Big Or Stay Home' 

Now, we can interpret the three points however we wish. I am using ONE BOOK - the one I'm about to show you. ONE PEN - one brand but in several colors.  ONE PROJECT - Trying to organize this studio - even if it's just to clear the mixed media pile from in front of my altar. 

But since this is about Threads, I'm going to show you my planner that I am using for both challenges.

I had planned on using a regular planner but in the waking hours after watching several One Book videos, I had a vision of a Traveler's Notebook made from recycled denim jeans. So here's what I came up with:

The notebook is made from a faded/ soft denim with a piece of poster board sandwiched between for a bit of sturdiness. Mine might be a bit off from size but it's 8.5 x 5.25.

Since I'm using more than one pen, a single pen loop on the side wasn't going to work.

I stitched a length of elastic on the inside front cover. The pencil marks I used to designate where the pen divisions needed to be stitched would not erase so I colored the whole strip with an alcohol marker.

I used eyelets to run my elastic bands through. The bands were made from soft-stretch braided elastic. I secured the ends together with a crimp closure used in jewelry making. There are 4 elastic bands holding the four signatures. I want to add at least one more signature to this. But this is what I have so far.

I've never made a Traveler's Notebook before but I want to make another at some point. You'll notice in the first picture I have a side closure rather than the elastic closure that comes out from the center of the side and loops over the entire book. Not sure I'm describing that well so I'm including a YouTube video below for you to check out. I really wanted the vintage button. I used a Tim Holtz elastic closure from the back so that I could loop over the button. 

Here are the inside layouts of my Traveler's Notebook:
The Welcome Page

The Packing List

Camp Itinerary

Badge Tracker. We R Memory Keepers pocket holds badges

Game Day - Wordsearch - All planner related

Right side is cover of the Self-Care signature

Check out my  #TRGCampReset on Pinterest

Habit Tracker
I've added my challenge cards inspiration cards since taking this photo. Ideas for:
Physical Time/ Tech Break/ Creative Time

Self Care/ Routine ideas to implement.
Just put these pages together while we were on vacation last week.
 Didn't get them filled in before I took photos
Camp Calendar
This lets us keep track of chats and things Cori has scheduled.

Notes piece taken from the tracker print out (Left)
Inside cover of the Weekly TN Insert (Right) from Michaels new TN line

Inside spread from the Weekly TN
I've added a monthly calendar sticker from Cori's line.

That's it for the journal. Curious as to what's inside my Essentials basket  Check back tomorrow for an update!

Creative Blessings!


  1. Looks wonderful! I was going to do this too but missed the first week and then never got started after all.

    1. You have all the tools, Janet. Stay connected. I think some of us are doing it again in Sept.