Monday, March 26, 2018


I sat down to work on this post yesterday (Sunday) and for the life of me I could not find that girl stamp I used last month.. you know, the one I wanted to use in every spread. I saw it yesterday morning as I was setting stuff up for a massive card making expedition. Do you think I could find the stamp last night as I began assembling materials? I get really frustrated when I KNOW I just saw something then said item seems to have vanished when I need it.

So, this morning I chose to do the layout anyway.. with a different stamp. I picked these adorable SANTORO stamps up in a scrapbook store in Branson a couple of years ago. I bought several plus gifted the PBR girls each with one.

Since this week is about the journey as well as the twists and turns along the way, I chose this stamp:

Aside from having limited selection this week I chose The White Rabbit because I seem to always be at the tail-end of whatever's current. All the way back to grade school. Dad always conceded to letting me where the latest clothing style as it was fading. Leaving me embarrassed rather than enjoying being part of my peers. 

As I embark on the mixed media, art journal, planner craze I can't help but feel I'm lagging behind the pack and by the time I'm full in - something new will be the craze. 

But the cool thing about art - Art never goes out of style. Mediums change, but the concept of CREATING something from nothing, EXPRESSING our intentions, BARING our souls on paper in some form will always be a part of our journey.

My journal page for this month:

I've used Recollections watercolor-filled brushes, The Paper Studio Bubblebilities stickers and perma markers to create the journey as well as the fork in the road. Every day I have to choose to do the 'real life' stuff or play in my studio. And... there I am at the fork in the road, debating if I can find time for both.

My life is CRAZY but I am BRAVE and STRONG!

Creative Blessings!

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  1. Great journal page! I love the Crazy, Brave & Strong theme! Also love my Santoro girl stamp; thank you! Great post!