Friday, April 6, 2018


While grocery shopping at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, I found these planners on clearance. 

Regularly $19.95, they were clearanced down to $5. Imagine my surprise when I checked out and they rang up at $3.50! WOW!

Don't let the '365 fool you. They are NOT Happy Planners. They are by CraZart - a company that sells a lot of different types of craft and activity kits. 

Okay, first off let me explain. I do NOT need another planner. However, there was a method to my madness. I DO need ARC rings for some ARC-bound. The closest place for me to obtain these was to either drive 2-hrs round trip to Hobby Lobby or order on-line and pay shipping.  I couldn't do either of those for the $5. At HL a package runs around $4.98. Then there are tons of bonuses in the kit:

Aside from the UNdated planner pages, there are:
3 Pocket Dividers
12 Monthly Dividers
72 Weekly/ Monthly Calendar Sheets 
10 Journal Pages
2 Yearly Calendars
75 Note Pages
6 Rolls of Washi - In MY planner color scheme!
2 sheets of date stickers
1 sheet of appt/ monthly, holiday type stickers
2 sheets of page flag, decorative stickers
6 binder clips 
6 - gel pens

WOW! That's a lot of bang for the $3.50 Even at the original $19.98, when you compare with Happy Planner - that's a bargain!

The Washi, Binder clips and Gel pens all coordinate!

Because they are undated and a steal, I went back and bought three more last week. 
They had other 'art journal' 'journaling' kits but they were $9 - and not near the bargain of the Planner.

I already know what I'm using two of them for. One is going to be my new Bill Organizer. When the girls come this summer, I may give one to Adrian and let her keep track of what we do throughout the summer so putting her summer memory book together will be easier. 

Incidentally, since these are undated, they'd make great Christmas or back to school gifts for later in the year. 

What would you use this planner for?


  1. OMG what a steal!!! I might use it to keep my favorite quotes or make it a collage type journal. So fun.

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. Hope you find one. If not, let me know. I have 6 lol