Monday, April 9, 2018


Good morning, ladies.

I'll be back around noon with a progress picture but I wanted to get something here so you'd know to come back. I should have been working on this post yesterday but I was busy clearing off the work table. The space needed cleaned/ reorganized and I'm still on the hunt for those dies.  4500 steps later, the work table is completely clear. I'm going to glue the junk journal pieces into place, take pictures then load them on Kizoa. I should have that all done by noon.

In the mean time, if you con't remember the En Masse Journal, click HERE to go to the original post.

This is the pile I've been collecting for the past week. As I came across something, I clipped the item down then tucked it into the journal so I wouldn't lose anything.

I started by dividing everything out into categories:

Window Envelopes.
I don't include the whole window area. I just like the different insides. So I punched them out with my Fiskars Octagon punch.

After gluing them in, I realized I had two pages for this. One has them punched out with the banner punch. Not sure if I'll combine or just fill both. 

I did the same thing with company labels:

After gluing them all onto one page:

I realized I had separate pages for food labels and company labels. Oops. Oh well, they will fill up fast.

Postage stamps:

Became this:

While this might seem like an odd project to some people, this is an interesting way of documenting a life. With a flip-through future generations will see the type of products we used, stamps, and all sorts of ephemera that show how we lived, what our interests were, etc. This is our Smithsonian. :-D

Creative Blessings!

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