Wednesday, April 18, 2018

WOYWW #463 - Bear Update

There's my desk.
All of  my tools are back in place across the back, laptop where I left it last night after typing up labels for the new SU cardstock colors. You can even see the clean sofa (except for dog toy) in the background. After uploading a video later this morning, the laptop will be moved out of the way to get cards made. I'm also hoping my Paper Pumpkin kit arrives today. It's all about the sea... anchor, life buoy, lighthouse, etc. One saying says 'You are my anchor'. I want to get a card made and tucked into Bob's pile of mail before he gets home tomorrow. He's been gone 45 days.

Update on Bear - On Friday I found what I thought was an abscessed canine so made a vet appointment. Monday morning's visit went very well. He doesn't have an abscess but a growth on his gum that is common in large breed/ older dogs but his canine is cracked. We figure that is what has been making him so miserable. Aren't we all when we have a toothache?  He is on an antibiotic and a pain med 2x a day and is more like my teddy bear. Other than the tooth issue, he got a clean bill of health. Once the infection is cleared up, I'll take him back in for dental work. I'm so happy he trusts me.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my precious teddy Bear.

That's it for my desk this week. Who's Miss Julia and why am I here?  When you are done visiting me in the Ozarks, please hop on over to Stamping Ground  for all the details. Miss Julia has a long list of other studios you can peek into. No standing on an up-turned milk pail to look in the window. We open the doors wide and welcome you.  Please leave your number and you'll be among the first on my list. 

Creative Blessings!


  1. Hi Kelly, oh that is good news! So happy for you both! Absolutely agree, I think toothache/earache is probably the worst to suffer, no wonder he'd been so unhappy. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxX

  2. I wondered what on earth that pink thing was on the sofa! I'm so pleased that Bear is getting better, poor animals, I hate it when they're ill and miserable.
    Hugs LLJ 16 xxx

  3. Good to get the Bear update (as promised!) Fab desk, too. Helen #2

  4. Hi Kelly, ooh tooth pains are the worst and yay for it being something fix-able for bear :) Sounds like your hubs is coming home to a lot of happy mail to open being gone so long. ~Stacy #33

  5. Aw Kelly, great news for and about Bear. ANd I LOVE that you’re still making cards for your sweetie. 45 gosh, I dont do well without MeBart after about 3 days! Your desk seems to very much reflect your plans to get on with it all, it looks efficient!

  6. Nice desk shot - good news about Bear - ouch!! Hopefully all will be sorted soon. Happy Wednesday Cindy #20

  7. So good to hear about Bear tooth ache is an awful thing. What a sweet idea about the card, i'm sure it will be well received after an absence of 45 days. Enjoy every moment.
    Creative wishes Tracey #13

  8. Hi Kelly - glad you got your friendly, huggable animal back!! Toothache - ouch! - the very worst. Hope you got the card made - and enjoy having hubby home.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  9. Toothaches are the worst and glad your Bear got his pain relief and is healing up! Hope you're having a fantastic day! xo Cheetarah #24

  10. Pleased to hear that Bear is okay. I'm sure he will be back to his old self soon. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x18x

  11. Great news about Bear Kelly. Hopefully he will be completely pain free soon. Hope your kit arrives in time to get the card made too. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #17

  12. Hi Kelly, I'm late this week too! This is the first morning I've had time to do anything, and the list of things to do is long! Good news about Bear, Inky and I hope he's feeling better soon. Hope your kit arrives in time! We are finally getting sunshine and warmer weather, Inky is happily outside on "her" chair, watching the birds and squirrels! Thanks for your visit, and have a great day! Lindart #29

  13. Hi Kelly.. I didnt get hete earkier at aLl on mobile excuse mistakes
    No primer on box.. never primed in my life.. except garage roller door with metal primer!!
    Ate dinner cut up box and brusho-ed .. I add lots of colour. First spritz front and back then sprinkle and spritz some more and repeat as desired. I also lift up colour with dampened t8ssue serviette to add preferred colours.
    Loads of fun. Get them out girl. Made four more brusho cards simce then..
    Hugs Shaz.x

  14. Hi Kelly, So glad Bear has aq good bill of health. hoipe once the tooth is sorted he'll be completely ok.

    Lovely tidy desk ready for action. Hope the kit arrives, so you can do the card for your hubby.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #2