Thursday, April 5, 2018


While digging out embroidery floss for those dish towel projects, I decided the time had come to make a change in my storage.

When we decided to move out here in the middle of nowhere, I wasn't sure what my shopping options would be for floss. So while working at Michaels and making use of my employee discount, every time thread came up on sale I'd buy about twenty five colors. I bought the bobbins, the number stickers that coordinated with the DMC colors and 2 big 3-ring D binders to hold the handy dandy bobbin pocket pages. 

They looked like this:

What I didn't realize was that having the pocket openings face the rings would become an issue when I wanted to turn the page. Every time I attempted to turn the page, bobbins would fall out of their pockets. Those handy dandy number stickers have come loose over the years (okay, so it's been 12 years. I know.. nothing is supposed to last forever but the knowing doesn't make the issue less annoying hehe)

Saturday morning, while I had the ironing board set up to press the summer kitchen curtains. (yes, I know spring is still refusing to arrive but it is after Easter - so summer decor it is!)

I decided to empty all of the pages and store the floss by Rainbow:

Here's an up close at the pretty Pink/ Red pile:

By the time I was finished, I had two full floss boxes:

As I went, I wrote the numbers in perma pen on each of the bobbins before the number labels became lost completely.  I also have a third box with the empty floss bobbins, marked with those colors I still need to acquire. 

One more task in the organization out of the way!

As to the dish towels, that process is taking longer than I'd hoped. Even with my cheaters, I'm having problems seeing some of the lines. I'm thinking of going back over them with a water color pencil. I'll try to have an update for you next Thursday. 

Do you embroidery? Have you found a way to store your floss other than in the bobbin boxes? I'd love to hear!
Creative Blessings!

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  1. I just quit my job at Michaels. It was a great place to work for a while but I was spoiled by having worked at home for 17 years so I decided to give it up. Great deals though, right! Love your floss organization. Mine is all in a big container jumbled.

    Janet’s Smiles