Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I'd like you to meet my timber kitty, Tabby. Tabby wandered into our yard from the back timber last summer. She is approximately 2 years old and weighing in at  8.5 pounds. Tabby fast became a indoor/outdoor kitty and is my shadow. Our only issue with her is since getting her fixed she has become very territorial and won't have anything to do with Goddess or Spirit. Goddess just gives her a wide berth but I can't have Tabby and Spirit (my 5th generation panther) in the same room unattended and a spritz bottle handy. We don't herd cats, we play musical rooms making sure we know where everyone is located before leaving the house.

Okay.. what you came to see:

Update on Bear. He took the last of his antibiotics on Sunday night but we can't get him in for surgery until next Tuesday so the doc and I agreed to put him on the pills to avert infection moving back in and having to postpone the surgery. 

That's it for my desk this week. Who's Miss Julia and why am I here?  When you are done visiting me in the Ozarks, please hop on over to Stamping Ground  for all the details. Miss Julia has a long list of other studios you can peek into. No standing on an up-turned milk pail to look in the window. We open the doors wide and welcome you.  Please leave your number and you'll be among the first on my list. 

Creative Blessings!


  1. Poor Bear, I do hope he's ok and that the surgery comes quickly. The pic of the cat made me laugh, that's a very disdainful don't-push-it pose!!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  2. I do hope Bear's surgery goes well next week Kelly. Your timber Tabby looks most content! Sorry that she doesn't get on with your other two though. Hopefully one day... Happy WOYWW. Sarah #8

  3. Best wishes to Bear, I hope all goes well when he finally gets that surgery. It can be so difficult when we have animals that don't get along, we had two cats that really didn't think too much of each other but the did eventually learn to tolerate each other eventually.
    Thank you for sharing WOYWW, looks like it's ready for you to go and play! Tracey #10

  4. Spirit sounds a very - spirited - animal! no doubt tht is how she got her name! hope the surgery goes ahead for Bear. Helen #4

  5. My thoughts are with Bear. I think that's just cats for you they don't always like having others around. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x28x