Monday, February 11, 2019


Good morning, everyone!

I am really excited about my current mixed media project. For one, this project has a deadline. I have until February 28th to complete this journal. To make this more fun, there are mini challenges along the way - with deadlines. Each of the mini's have to be done by the Friday following their posting. Let me tell you about the project then I'll show you where I am right now.  I had intended to have a video for you today but I did not get all of the supplies pulled yesterday in time to film. That is on my list for today.

The project is called the February Fabric Junk Journal Challenge - #FFJJC if you want to look for pictures on social media.

Each month Youtuber, DearJulieJulie posts a month-long challenge. In January they did a junk journal challenge using junk mail (I didn't see that one). But this February challenge got my attention. I have TONS.. or should that be TUBS of fabric I've been wanting to sift through and do up some things. That's one of the bullet points on my 2019 UFO list.

I'm posting the video here if you'd like to check out what we're up to. There is still time to join in.

Okay.. this list is going to be a bit long, but this is what I will be pulling today:
We can use ANY fabric. I've already pulled mine except for the fabric for my cover.

We must include 
15 Fabric Functions.. meaning these items must be made from fabric:
1 - fabric cover
1 - fabric flip (I'll show this in a future video)
1 - fabric page
2 - different fabric edges (can NOT be lace. has to be made from fabric)
2 - different fabric tuck spots or pockets
4 - different fabric tags
4 -different fabric embellishments

While Lace/ Tulle and ribbon are not fabric, we can use those in any way.

Paper Items (for EACH signature and we can have as many signatures as we want)
5 - copy paper all the same type
5 - assorted papers ie grid/ ledger/ map/ vellum, etc
5 - lightweight scrapbook paper or digital print (not images but a full printed page)
5 - book pages - any book/ magazine/ calendar
5 - plain cardstock
5 - printed cardstock (the heavier stuff from paper pads)
5 - assorted cards - index/ guest check/ memorydex, greeting cards
5 -envelopes or bags

Extra 5 of each for the ENTIRE Journal
postage stamps
playing cards/ game cards/ doilies
project life/ ATC cards
die-cuts (pre-cut)

4 - cutting tools
5-  rubber stamps and ANY ink/ distress tools
5 - pens - any color/ type (if we use a multi-color pen, that counts as 1)
4 - washi
2 - colors of thread (if using a machine with different color bobbin/ top that is your two)
5 - Total (flowers/ erasers/ buttons/ beads)
5 - Total (pins/ eyelets/ washers/ 6" wire
Items for the cover - book/ box/ craft board, etc)
Any Ruler
Stapler and staples
Iron and ironing board
Any type of glue (this includes adhesive backed trim and wonder under)
Any type tape
Gesso & brush
Mod podge
4 stencils
4 sprays

Binding Kit

Our first Mini Challenge was to make a tassel. All of the challenges must include fabric.

Here's mine:

You'll notice the tea charms. My book is going to have a Victorian tea theme. I initially tied the charms on the narrow ribbons in the tassel but would prefer a chain charm.Our second mini challenge is to make up to 10 dangles/ clips. I didn't have any chain in my beading box. A trip to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and their 50% off some of the jewelry lines took care of that!

I also added some Tim Holtz items:

I spent most of yesterday clearing out my beading box, which I hadn't touched but probably twice in over 12 years. 

I have a standards size bead/ embroidery thread style box with chunk charms and a couple of small bead boxes from $Tree for the smaller items. The 2 smaller boxes fit down in the center of the bead box.

I've put the first coat of gesso on my book cover. I will be using fabric but the original cover is black and I'm positive that would show through the fabric. I'll add a second coat later. I'm thinking 3 signatures, possibly 5. Whatever I will need to fill the spine space in the cover.  My other project for today is to tea-dye the 5 sheets of copy paper. I already have the tea steeping. 

I haven't forgotten the Whispers of Me. The tote I thought contained all of my saved items to make that journal, isn't where I thought.. and this fabric journal has a deadline so it's what I'll be showing you this month. 

Creative Blessings!

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