Monday, August 17, 2015

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - New Toys and a Give Away!

Okay.. the Give Away is NOT mine but if you love mixed media or art journaling than you definitely want to get in on the drawing for this class give away.

So hop on over to MaritsPaperWorld for your chance to win a spot in this awesome class!

Speaking of Mixed Media, I ordered some things from Oriental Trading last week. I needed a bunch of those mister bottles (like the ones from Ranger). These are exactly like those without the logo and I get 2x as many for the price. So while I was ordering those, I added a few other items I couldn't pass up.

The six boxes in the back hold 6 of the mister bottles. I also ordered 2 pkgs of Washi Tape (Tell me.. does that surprise any of you? LOL) 1 is Travel themed and the other is Sewing theme... and a single roll of Potion Bottles. I already have them labeled and in their forever home. 

I liked this set of Typewriter styled numbers and icons. Now if I just had an alphabet set to match. Will have to keep my eye out..

 And lastly in this picture is a set of purple witch hats. Halloween is coming!

What this picture doesn't show is a set of 'fence' stencils. The first picture shows them all 'punched out':

There are six different fence styles I thought would be interesting in journal pages. But be warned... see all those openings in the fence panels (including the lattice one at the top...) They come still filled in and you need to punch them out. Here is a picture of one in progress of being punched...

I've dropped all those little pieces into a cup. They may become a spatter pattern across a page or two before they are tossed. 

Next week I'll show you another Mixed Media. A couple gals have asked about the ratio of my paint to water in my spray acrylics. I just ordered 30 more empty bottles from Amazon so I could do all of my Folk Art Acrylics now that they are in their forever home. I might even give you a sneak peek of that unit...

Creative Blessings!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WOYWW #323 - Progress

Technically, this is not my work desk.. you can just see part of that in the top right. This foreground shot is of my new cutting station. The two filing cabinets in the front will serve as the base for my ScrapRack unit. Then the rest of the length.. formed by four 3-shelf book cases will be used as a cutting station for my Vagabond and Cricut tools. I think the tool caddy Bob made me several years ago is in it's forever home. Well, forever as soon as Bob gets the shelf board cut that will cover this entire top for an even playing surface. We just ran out of time before he had to head back out onto the boat for the next 21 days. So yes, for the next 21 days I am in limbo again. 

A couple of weeks ago I showed the carpet boxes I was cutting apart. What I didn't show was the ginormous Ziplock bag - XXL (2'W x 2.5'L or 60CM x 82CM) that was BULGING with misc. chip board, cardboard, foamboard, matboard. I went through the entire contents and cut things down that I wanted to keep and used most of the cardboard as garden mulch.

I kept the mat board pieces, larger foam core, larger chip board and fit the 'keepers' into this:

Initially, this cabinet held all of my StampinUp 12x12 cardstock. I've since moved it to 'file' storage on the top and repurposed these drawers to hold the condensed cardboard bag. If I can not fit something into a drawer I either have to swap with something already in there or pitch. But once I'm able to start constructing mixed media pieces, I don't see that as a delimma. :-)

So why am I showing you a sneak peek? Because this is what is on my desk and every week near 100 bloggers join in the snoop of each others workspaces courtesy of Miss Julia at StampingGround. You are welcome to join us! I'm sure what you have on your desk is way more exciting than mine!