Friday, December 22, 2017


For the first time ever, I'm actually participating in a retreat from the very beginning... okay, I'm a couple of days behind but that's because I hadn't checked email. I hadn't noticed the dates to see that I was just getting in at the start date.

I listened to the first video last night about putting our journal together and decorating our cover. I chose this lovely college-ruled composition book from Clementine that I'd picked up at Marshalls. I had no clue at the time what I would use the notebook for but the ombre sunset tones spoke to me so in the basket it went. 

I didn't want to cover up the beautiful ombre tones but knew my cover needed 'something' that spoke about my journey on this retreat. In the introductory video, Amber spoke about about opening the door to our heart. She also mentioned 'monetary passion' - which is exactly the path I'm starting out on in 2018! I won't say she is psychic but the synchronicity of this project and my determination to participate in the retreat couldn't have had better timing.

To keep with the colors, I chose to collage my heart from torn pieces of the Painted With Love Designer Series Paper from the Stampin' Up! Spring 2018 Catalog. 

After gluing the pieces to a heart I'd torn from printer paper, I coated the whole thing in clear gesso. Once that dried, I glued my heart to the front of the journal.

I talked about my concept on the inside front page:

      Something Amber said about the heart spoke to me. Opening our heart's door to the possibilities. 
At first I thought about actually making the heart as a pair of French doors. Then I knew I didn't want to separate the whole. Instead, I chose to make the heart the front of the cover -
   Opening this journal opens up a world of insights into those possibilities.

Periodically, over the 10-day retreat I'll share bits and pieces from my #womanunleashed journal. I look forward to the discovery and how the pieces of my heart's desire fit together to form the whole of my dreams.

Creative Blessings!

Monday, December 18, 2017


While your life may seem really crazy right now - NOW is the time to think ahead to what you want 2018 to be for you. 

For me, my word is ACHIEVEMENT. There are so many things I want to accomplish next year. One is to explore various avenues of creativity... to nurture my style for the things I want to Achieve in 2018

To kickstart my creative motor I've signed up for the #WomanUnleashed on-line Retreat. I hope you'll join me!

Just click on the link below and be prepared to unleash your True Creative Spirit!

Creative Blessings!