Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WOYWW #264

Crafting of a different sort this week. For those of you who do not know, my first book is up on Amazon. Somewhere Down the Line was released on June 12th. I was so NOT prepared with promo materials or anything. I've spent the last week playing catch-up on promotion while doing the day job of music promos. 

In the pic you'll see the bookmarks I designed. I've modified this since printing this sheet. The QR code is smaller. The other thing is I'm making notebook/ pen sets. Our Ozarks Romance Authors conference is Sept. 20th. I need approx. 250 of the sets to put in the goody bags. 

I still have some thank you cards to make but I see lots of paper trimming/ scoring, gluing in my immediate future. But I am thankful for the task. 

Have no clue what I'm talking about? Every week we gather at Stamping Ground to link the world to our creative blog where Miss Julia Dunnit gives us the opportunity to let everyone see what we're up to. This is not a secret club. Anyone can play. Just check out the details HERE. We love making new friends!

Creative Blessings!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WOYWW #262

Strange not having our fearless leader, Julia Dunnit, at the helm. She took ill while on holiday last weekend and is in the hospital. We wish her well.

In the mean time....

This is the remnants of where I made my ATCs. After the delay of doing final edits on my book, those are ready to mail.

The envelope in the foreground needs some Washi tape then I can put the stack on the back left inside. I'm envie swapping with one of the Documented Life gals. I've never done one of their swaps before so I hope I do my partner justice.

After a full afternoon of playing with inks and goodies, I'm anxious to repeat the play time soon.

Want to see some other great studios, pick some of my followers and pay them a visit.
Creative Blessings!

Friday, June 6, 2014


I wanted to take a moment to apologize to everyone for not checking in last week - or playing this week.
I posted to WOYWW for our 5th Anniversary post. The next morning when I would have begun snooping through everyone's desks, I had an important email from my editor. Two actually

1) My Cover!  Well... we've spent a week modifying the cover, but still. My first OFFICIAL book cover!
2) The edits that he needs back ASAP.

I had a business trip to Nashville over the weekend so wasn't able to start on the edits until Monday. I should wind them up today then can visit everyone.

Thank you so very much for your patience. I know I owe at least a couple ATCs. I hope to mail on Monday.
Jill and Sharon, received your beautiful ATCs. Thank you!

Creative Blessings!