Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOYWW #326

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Merit for offering up one of her classes for free. I won a spot in the giveaway she promoted here a couple of weeks ago. Yay Me! I'm so looking forward to really breaking in the studio this week with so many creative projects. But first....

My desk this week. I used Tiffany Spaulding (The Scrap Rack) way of sorting stuff to go through all the mixed media supplies. I'll be able to find stuff. Yay!

I had hoped to have this project finished but no where I went yesterday had the right color of contact paper to cover the cat litter boxes I'm recycling into storage drawers for the mixed media cabinet. So that will have to wait until I go into the city tomorrow. 

My sister in law and I are getting together for a full-on creative session on Saturday. While the guys are at a target shoot, she and I will have all day to christen the new studio. I will be in Christmas card mode so I really need to get this mess put away... even if it means putting into the uncovered boxes temporarily. :-( 

Also, a couple of you had commented about the cubby storage running the length of this table. That is actually custom built by my hubby from 1"x 4" boards. He cut, glued and painted this special unit to hold all my tools within reach. yep.. I'm keeping him :-D

Wanna find out what this blog hop is all about.. Head on over to StampingGround where Miss Julia will give you all the details. 

As for me... we are on the go the next couple of days so will probably be Saturday before I get to visit most of you. Thanks for stopping in!

Creative blessings!