Friday, January 23, 2015


After the foundation had a chance to cure, Lanny and his team came out to remove the forms then the actual build of the Studio began. Here you see the three Ian's (that's Ian contractor in the foreground) beginning to lay the floor over the joists. 

Then the walls began to go up. Ian and little Ian were the only two working on the walls. When they were ready to raise the first one, Ian called me out to lend a hand. I helped raise the East and West walls. Ian made sure I was a part of this build every step of the way. 

Notice the two big window openings? There are five big windows in all. Four are 48 x 36 (2 on the East wall, 1 each on the South and West wall) and one (over my stamping desk on the west wall) is 36 x 36

For the first time I will have tons of natural light and cross-breezes. I'm not worried about too much heat from the south window over my writing desk as that end of the room is shaded by this gorgeous Maple tree. 

This tree is one of the first things I fell in love with when we looked at the property. The limbs on the ground are from having the tree topped out. We've already lost one big limb from this tree and we didn't want to risk losing another as that would mean the whole tree having to come down. Our tree man, Ricky (Ricky Pruitt Tree Service) suggested we try topping the tree out first. He thinks we can save the only Maple on the immediate property. I will try to remember to share a picture this fall when the leaves are in their majestic finery. 


  1. Looks Awesome! It's going to be a great place to let your creativity flow.

  2. Kelly, this is really shaping up. It's going to be so fabulous with those huge windows.

  3. Kelly, so happy for you with the progress on your room. I will be even happier when you get moved into your new space!