Thursday, January 29, 2015

INSPIRED - Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch - and a GiveAway!

Okay, some of you have seen this picture before.. And this one....


Sadly, the office still looks a lot like this... maybe even... dare I say... worse.  But that will all change soon. Mostly because I will be moving into the new studio... all 480 square feet. (The current space is only 150 square feet)

I am already planning to go through every bin, box, stack, shelf. No item will go untouched. But here's the thing... How do I approach such a monumental task without wanting to pull my hair out? Then I visited a post from fellow WOYWW blogger, Sandy Leigh over at Eat Write Dream Stitch. She has it going on!  

Aside from being a fellow blogger, Sandy and I share a lot of the same interests so I was captivated when I visited her blog this morning. I'd read a post and follow one of her links to a previous post. I was on READ, CLICK, REPEAT mode for over an hour.

One of her posts got my attention fast. FIVE SIMPLE RULES TO DASH YOUR STASH
Go ahead and check it out. I'll be here when you get back. 

One line cracked me up - but made total sense.  In essence, if stuff is going to take up space, then said stuff needs to earn it's keep. SERIOUSLY! I mean, would we let people live in our house without contributing something? Not me! 

But more importantly, her Five Steps gave me direction as I begin to prep for the move from the Dungeon to my shiny new office/ Studio. Creative Dreams is my DREAM SPACE. My day time office, my play area, my place to just be me. NOT be suffocated by STUFF!

1. I like the idea of shopping my stash. After all, my nearest craft store is a 2-hour round trip; 4 hour round trip if I go to the Big City. We all know I have enough. LOL

2. Use an under-used item more. I like my knitting loom (she has some. Told we have similar interests) I also don't use my embossing powders or my Cricut enough. 

3. Learning new ways of using some of my stash will breathe new life into them... and into my art.

4. Making money from my stash has possibilities. I was caught by a YouTube video the other day that I have talents some others might not have. Or maybe they would rather buy an item they need for their style of art rather than making that part themselves. I'm thinking Etsy shop by the fall. An extension of Creative Drams. We shall see. 

5. More time in the craft room is a plus. Though I don't spend a lot of time in stores, I do tend to work more and play less. That brings me back to the whole 'BALANCE' thing I'm striving for in 2015.

Do any of Sandy's rules apply to you? If you haven't been to her site yet, please go then come back and share how they apply to you.

Everyone who comments telling me how they can apply the 5- Dash rules will go into a drawing for something NEW to add to your stash.. We all like new toys :-D

Creative Blessings!


  1. I definitely have to check out this blog! Sounds right up my alley. Funny, twin, one of my projects this year is to go through every shelf in my toy/craft room. Something tells me after reading her blog some of my items will find a new home :-)

  2. AND...we both live in Missouri! I'm just so happy you've caught Stash Dash fever, and really am looking forward to the days ahead for your crafty space! Hugs! Sandy Leigh

  3. Kelly, I gotta say you do have a ton of stuff! I love the drawers. How will you be furnishing the inside of your new space. That is quite a bit of room. I think all that space can be a double edged sword.

  4. Love these suggestions! On SCS, I joined a challenge where we are challenging ourselves to use things we have never used, in 2015. So far I have inked up a couple of stamp sets I had for years, but not ever used, till now! I will watch as you continue on this quest and hope to learn from you!