Friday, January 9, 2015

FRIDAY FREEBIE & Studio Progress - The Build Part 2

Okay... before I go any further, let me first thank all of you for your patience in waiting for me to pick a winner from the October 23rd post. Really? I did not mean to take this long. Just got lost in the shuffle of building, ill, holidays...

So here we go. I don't know how y'all get just the pic of the Random.Org thingie. I tried a PrintScreen and got the whole screen. My Copy/ Paste came up like this:

True Random Number Generator
Min:  1
Max:  6
 Result: 5

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

However, this still gives me a WINNER!!! And that would be:


Jackie... I'll be dropping you an email but you can choose from one of the following categories:

Paper Pack
Metals Pack
Theme Pack

Okay, now that I'm caught up, let's talk about the Studio Progress. Being sick definitely took some of the fun out of this whole process. One thing I did enjoy was cooking for a crowd. Here's a picture of one of our noon meals:

From Right to left starting with tan shirt -
Ian Maddox - the contractor, Lanny and his son Laken (concrete), Ian and Trevor (crew)
For lunch this day they had BBQ pulled pork on homemade rolls, cole slaw, baked beans and sliced tomatoes.

My crew never went hungry LOL

One of the final shots of the south side of the house. Here, Lanny and his son Laken discuss the measurements before breaking ground for the footings. 

By end of day we had the footings. Didn't look as big as it sounds.

Next Friday I'll show you the next step in the process... and maybe more food.


  1. Oh Kelly, this looks amazing! I love the picture of everyone around the table and the dinner sure looks like it's enjoyable! I can't wait to see your pictures in progress!

    1. Thanks, Kel. I loved cooking for a large group. Was in my element even though I felt like carp from about the 3rd day on.

  2. Oh I am so excited to see these photos!! Congrats to Jackie on the win :-)

    1. Hey girl!. I'll try to keep them coming... just a long as blogger lets them run when I schedule them LOL

  3. Can't wait to see the finished room! TFS

  4. Can't wait to see the finished product! I know you're going to just love your new space.

  5. I always love to see craft spaces. I'll keep checking the progress.
    I posted on my blog a pic of the storage boxes for Stickles that you asked about. The label gives the company name and a UPC code . I hope that helps. :) Thanks for your visit and comments. Much appreciated.