Monday, January 26, 2015

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Tim Holtz January 2015

NOTE: I chose not to visit other tag links until I had mine completed. Now that mine is added to the fold, I'll be checking out some of the other creative tag artists. 

My first EVER Tim Holtz challenge. I have watched Tim all the way back to his early days of guesting on The Carol Duvall show. The man just flat out amazes me the way he thinks. I'm trying.
So I was determined I was going to jump into the 2015 Tag Challenge

I really liked the first challenge.Setting Goals is a big thing for me. I'm a strong believer in if you don't have a road map, you will meander aimlessly with no purpose. Life is too short. I want to do and see everything. I want to learn all that I can. 

My focus word for this year is BALANCE. I spent a majority of my time last year working. Very little to almost non-existent play time except for what I posted here. I wanted to change that this year without going the total opposite end of the scope. My plan is to find BALANCE between the two. My first tag of 2015 showcases this. 

Our Hobby Lobby did not have Tim's tissue paper. Instead, I bought a 12x12 sheet of music printed scrapbook paper. Music is the base of my daily existence so seemed fitting to use that here. I then took a piece of muted tissue paper and layered it over the top... scrunching while the glue was still wet to add texture. They also did not have the colors he worked with. Here's his list of color suggestions followed the colors I chose in Folk Art:

Tarnished Brass/ Antique Gold
Evergreen Bough/ Holly Leaf
Broken China/ Deep Ocean Blue
Pumice Stone/ Thunder Gray
Picket Fence/ Wicker White
Walnut Stain/ Nut Meg (they had this one but I chose to go with all Folk Art)

Rather than use Tim's Chat Stickers, I thought about the words that fit what I wanted to accomplish this year. Here's what I came up with:

learn teach

I chose chipboard numerals. I covered them with Mod Podge then coated with fine gold glitter. When they were dry, I edged them with a gold paint pen.

I chose the key because those words are the KEY to achieving my GOAL of BALANCE in 2015 and the rest of my life. 

The ribbon is a piece of vintage seam binding. The color helps pull out the aqua tone in the ridges of the texture. 

I'm looking forward to the February Tag. 
Creative Blessings!

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