Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm almost finished with my Tim Holtz tag for January 2015. I'll have that to show you next week. I'm still plugging away on the Documented Life Project. I am NOT happy with the base for Week 1. It's too dark. I have one more idea in mind on how to maybe brighten things up a bit. If that doesn't work, I'm setting the page aside to use in something else and start over.

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you the fruits of a very relaxed shopping weekend in Springfield. The weather was a balmy 62* and a healthy breeze. Just gorgeous weather to make you happy to be out and about doing something you love. For me, that would be looking at artsy stuff.

Before I show you what I bought, I want to direct your attention back to the top pic. This was my project from a Treasure Mapping workshop I took on Saturday. The concept is to create a visual board of things you want to accomplish - a visual target. Mine wasn't so much about tangible things like money or a trip but was more about the things I need to focus on to accomplish those things and components in my life that can make everything possible. I haven't put one of these together in a long time. Was really nice sitting in the library conference room tearing through magazines looking for gems while Native American flute music played in the background.

After the workshop I got about an hour of writing on the new book. Really struggling with this story for some reason. But I'm plodding along. Before heading to the hotel I made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby. Found some things for the Secret Sister Cupid swap and a couple things for me. Storage was 50% off and I never pass up the opportunity to grab at least one paper keeper when they're on sale. This is how I store all of my slabs.

Sunday morning after checking out of the hotel I spent over an hour in JoAnns. Aside from some yarn I needed for the Mitten Tree project, I came home with these goodies:

Tim Holtz (as well as just about anything Scrapbooking) was 40% off. The one thing they didn't have I wish they had was the pocket watch fob. I already used one of the keys on my January TH tag. Those little heart charms in the center? Where were those when I was looking High and Low for my book promotion back in June? I guess I should have just contacted Theresa Collins. These are part of her gold embellishments. I purchased all they had. I plan to put together special give aways for my trip to the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas in May. 

And here's a close up of a couple Tim Holtz items:

I am 5'4". The ceiling in my studio is 8'. the ceiling fan is a flush-mount so I can't reach the pull chain for either the center light or the ceiling fan. Before Bob left we talked about we'd have to extend the chains. So I bought the ball chain kit from Tim Holtz. Then I thought how cute the lantern charm would look to distinquish the fan chain from the light! I think I'm putting a key on the fan chain.

Are you tired from shopping yet? I hope not. So much FUN!
After a relaxing couple of hours at Barnes & Noble doing research and purchasing a book I couldn't leave behind, I went over to Michaels and found more goodies!

I bought these boxes for storage in the new space. There are 2 of the ones on the bottom and 4 of the ones on the top. They were 50% off. I bought all the blue ones they had. What I'm going to use them for, I'm not sure. I have a couple of ideas but we'll see if they stick once the room starts coming together.

The paint markers I'm not sure about. I bought them hoping they were refillable only to find out they are identical to the Crayola ones. :-( I just have 4 extra colors. Everything else came out of the tower bins. (Except for that one little item back by the stamp. I think if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll see it's from the beading department) I just liked the little canvas tags. I'll put them to use. :: Smile :::

The keys, the gear charms and that item from the beading department are all a part of a project I'll be working on soon for the Romantic Times Convention I mentioned earlier. Our theme night is Wild West meets Steampunk. I'm going as a Steampunk barmaid. If all works out, I'll have all kinds of 'tonic' bottles attached to my waistband. I'm on the hunt for vials a little smaller than film canisters that have screw on lids so I can travel the room with a bit of libation at hand :-)

Okay, I'm tired. Let's head home. We have a two hour drive. I hope you found what you were looking for today.

Creative Blessings!

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  1. It looks like you had a productive shopping trip. I like the boxes you got a Michael's.