Thursday, January 8, 2015

TANGLED THREADS - Mitten Tree Project

Here is a shot of the hat/ glove/ scarf sets I donated to the Mitten Tree at our local bank. If you've missed previous posts, this is a project our bank does every year. We decorate the tree with hats/ scarves/ mittens/ gloves/ socks. A few days before Christmas vacation, the items are taken to the local grade school and the office distributes them to students they see the need.  Several communities in our area do this for their local schools.

Here's a close up of one of the sets:

I buy the hats/ gloves usually on clearance at the end of the season then pair them with a yarn color and crochet the scarves. Each set is tagged with this gift card:

I haven't changed my GOALS on the side bar from 2014 yet. You'll see my target was for 52. I wound up with 25. And for some reason, when I got to the deadline I couldn't imagine what I'd been thinking. I didn't have 52 pairs of gloves... or so I thought.

In searching for my crochet hook keeper the other night I found 2 gal zip loc bags full of pairs of gloves. So I have a stash to start on for this year. So far this year I've completed 3 full sets. I have a glove/ scarf set but need a white hat and they seem to be sold out everywhere I look. While at the library the other day I picked up a pattern book with several different hat varities.. thus the purpose in searching out my crochet hook stash.

Over the weekend I'll change my GOAL bar to reflect my targets for 2015.
Creative Blessings! 

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