Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TECHNIQUE TUESDAY - Documented Life Planner

This is one of the inside 'daily' pages in my 2015 Documented Life planner. Kind of plain, right? I agree. But I'm fixing that... little by little. 

All of the Daily pages will look like this. I'll use the spaces for appointments and keep the notepad for the To Do's. I can also use these spaces for doodling and marking repetitive things such as the reindeer on the 25th of each month. The reindeer denotes that this is Reindeer Club Day. The day each month I will make one batch of Christmas Cards. No boxed cards to be mailed in 2015! 
One of the things I'm striving for this year is to take the planner week by week, day by day. For someone who has always been a planner this will be my challenge for the year. But I'm going to give it my best shot. 
I wanted to be able to work with any medium on the daily pages. Rather than a 2-step process I added a bit of acrylic medium to white gesso then spread a single coat on all 52 weekly pages. The color varies by month. I picked School Bus yellow (the only yellow I had) for the month of June. But I still wanted to break the weekly up into 'daily' time slots. I was inspired by a picture one of the other DL participants did. Since I can't remember who it was, I won't post her picture without permission. Instead, I'll show you what I've done to mine... or will do - week by week.

Sunday night will be my time to sit on the couch, watch my favorite tv program(s) and do the art for the week. 

Remember, I mentioned yesterday how I am finding my Daily To Do works best on long notepads? While shopping at B & N last November, I found this gift kit. 

Cute, right? Each notepad has enough sheets for every day that month. The little flag post -its to the right match each of the longer pads. So here's my plan. I use one sheet per day for my Daily To Do then attach with Washi Tape to the weekly page, just as I did last year. But these pages are so much prettier than the plain notepaper pad I used then. And the flags are super sticky. They don't peel off their pad very easily so when I put them in the dayplanner to mark something, I'm pretty sure they are going to stay put.

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