Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WOYWW #292 - Displaced Work Area

This post is a bit longer than our hostess, Julia, prefers. And I'll be more brief from now on. But this week is all about getting myself organized.... and is my only work surface at the moment.

Have no clue what I'm talking about? Each Wednesday for 292 weeks and counting, a bunch of us from all over the world invite you to peek into our creative spaces. Need a map? Pop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground for all the details.  I hope you'll join us!

This is where most of my creativity will come from for the next few weeks. My dungeon studio is a disaster. I hope to work on packing up some stuff later this week so I can at least work on my desk some down there.

This tote bag has seen a lot of variety since it's purchase almost 10 years ago. I used it for toting tools back and forth to Michaels for the classes I taught. Then the bag sat on my desk here until Bob built my permanent caddy out of 1x4s. I don't go to crops so I didn't need anything portable. At that time, I put it in my rolling art bag in case I were ever lucky enough to attend a Mixed Media art retreat. Which I would still love to do.

One of my challenges with the DL project last year was not making enough time to do the art journal prompts... which is like a major point of the whole thing. LOL  While researching ideas for my dayplanner I came across THIS YouTube video by Nadine's Mixed Plate.

Cool concept! This will allow me to have all of my tools at hand while I'm watching TV in the evening. And when I travel, I have a basics art bag to go! Let's take a peek inside...

This is the collection of goodies I unearthed from the office to select from plus what I purchased at 
$ Tree and Walmart to fill in the gaps. 

My notepad/ post it note assortment. Those ones in the front with the kissy lips... are left over hostess note pads from my days of selling Undercover Wear. ;-)

This is what I wound up actually putting in the bag. Some things are packed in the old clamb shell stamp boxes from Stampin' Up. Example is the stamping case in the upper left corner. I have a few acrylic stamps, and a square of a stamp scrubber. I still need to add a memento pad so I can use the watercolors and watercolor pencils. The 2nd clam shell box holds various adhesives and the third my variety of ink pens. I should have opened that blue diaper wipe box. Inside I have a selection of large paper clips that I have decorated the ends by hot gluing decorative buttons or ribbons.

So far I'm on track. Tomorrow I'll be showing you how my Mitten Tree project turned out for 2014 and my plans for 2015. 
Creative Blessings!


  1. OH, I can't wait to see your Mitten Tree! I just want to say that your bag in the first photo, looks so neat! My bag has never looked like that! Kelly, it is nice to see you today! #59

  2. I agree with Sharon a very neat bag indeed! Now I need to go and find out what the Mitten Tree project is? Anne x #23

  3. Good heavens, so organised and neat! I can only drool and dream.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  4. You are definitely organized and put me to shame! I love the idea of the bag but have no need of one of those cause I have no place to carry my crafting tools too!
    Glenda #36

  5. Looks like you have the perfect To Go Bag!! :D

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33

  6. How organised you are! I'm (air) travelling on Monday and 10 kg handluggage is not much when you travel with a notebook or tablet. And one 20kg suitcase for both of us.... no craft supplies me thinks.
    Looking forward to seeing your mitten trees.
    Have a great week,

  7. Very neat and tidy for sure! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I am also very curious about the mitten tree project. I'll have to check it out....

  8. Wow, how organised - I like the idea of a travel bag, and that's a really neat little case you've got for it. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier - I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #50

  9. That is what I call organised. I had to pack my stuff up for a day of scrapbooking at my friend's tomorrow and I know I have too much stuff and will want something I haven't got but c'est la vie ey!!
    Don't worry I will be messing my desk up on Sunday hopefully!

  10. Very organised and I love the travel bag I have something similar which I was given as a gift when I went over to America. Thank you for your visit Anita 56

  11. I need to organize a bag for traveling crafting. Great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #55