Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WOYWW #295 - All Over the Place

Good morning, friends!
I have no clue why I am bright eyed this morning. After working over ten hours on my new book yesterday, I slept like a rock and was awake when the alarm went off. An attempt to go back to sleep was futile as my fuzzy Goddess cat kept head butting me. You see, when the alarm goes off she insists that I get up. Why? So she can have her treats then take over my spot. That's my girl.

Another WOYWW rolls around! WOW - time flies around here. Did you know that simply by going to Stamping Ground you get access to almost 100 Creative studios Every Week? And becoming one of the many on the tour is easy. Come join us! We'd love to have a peek into your creative space!

Okay, so making the rounds at Julia's Stamping Ground this week, on my stop you will see multiple desks. This is the dining room table where all the wet work has been going on. A bit staged as I threw the piece of background from the Documented Life Project Week 1 that I was not happy with over the one I will be showing on Monday.

Speaking of Documented Life - if you are in the group, please leave that in your comments. I want to compile a link list on my side bar to all of us who are playing.

Next stop is the living room....Brace yourself, this is a pretty scary area....

Yes, the tree is still up. I've been a bit busy trying to keep up with a couple of challenges and write the entire first draft of my new book in 30 days.... okay, I did not start until the 21st so only 10 days! I might beat my record of 18... which is how long it took me to write Somewhere Down the Line.

Anyhow, this is my 'staging area' as I pack up the old office in prep for moving into the new studio space sometime late spring. The tree will come down on Sunday then let the piling of boxes begin!

I know ironing boards are for ironing... and I use mine for that.. .most of the time. Right now this is SU Cardstock central. All of my 8.5x11 has been brought up from the filing cabinet. This was a good height to work from this past week. I also have my sterilite tub of adhesives and my Pooh container of bling along with remnants of the projects.

And lastly... some of you inquired about the Zodiac stickers from last week so wanted to give you a closer look. I purchased these years ago at a $ Tree. My husband and I are both Libra so I figured I could use them for something :-) I had thought about my Tim Holtz Tag then changed my mind.

That's all for me this week. I probably will not stop in for a chat with most of you until Sunday. I have until midnight Saturday night to write this book and I'm giving it every minute I can spare.

Creative Blessings!


  1. Don't feel badly, I just took our stuff down on Monday! I'm pretty sure this is the latest it's been taken down, but oh well!!! Good luck with your move and your writing!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #5

  2. Good luck with finishing up your book goals :) I am happy to see the stickers closer as I really like those sun images and I was one who asked last week :P I am also doing The Documented Life project and have some posts about my pages on my blog if you wanted to see them. Shel#55

  3. Kelly I don't know how you do it, sounds like juggling lots of balls at once.
    Good luck finishing the book
    Jan S. No 50

  4. We have so much in common today--kitty demanding I get up early to give her a treat...ironing board piled with everything but ironing...and the writing! I'm working on a craft book. Best of luck with your writing--so cool you've set a deadline like that. Reminds me of NanoWrimo. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #53

  5. Your very busy Kelly . The stickers were a good find at the $ tree .
    Hope you keep well & happy woyww Jill #15

  6. You have wall shells! yay! So excited for you. And the natural light will be awesome!
    Looks like messy fun on your desk.

  7. Hello!

    You are one busy woman! Looking forward to seeing the progress on the new studio - you lucky person! :<) Love your cards! Wishing you a great week and good luck with your book!


    Barbara Diane

  8. What kind of books are you writing?
    Your playground looks very interesting - loads of goodies.
    I am participating in DLP 2015 also. Just posted week 4, but I am not sure, if I can keep the pace.
    Gabriele 44

  9. Hi Kelly. Seem like you have a lot going on right now. Good luck with you first draft. The EF folder I used is Lacy Brocade. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hello Kelly and thanks for stopping by. I've used the ironing board for another surface to land things on. Good luck organizing the move to a proper work space...Carole #55

  11. One of our kitties does that with my hubby every morning! She does it just seconds before the alarm goes off, and even manages that feat when we've changed the clocks. Psychic kitty!

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comments, both on my main blog and on my Cancer Diary page. I so appreciate your kind thoughts. You are the first person who's ever heard of shi-sha lol!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #48

  12. Well leaving the tree up proved two things....your time management is better than mine - you prioritise properly. And my other theory...if you leave it till you're sickm of the sight of it, doing it (whatever IT is) is such an accomplishment!
    couldn't agree more about ironing board height.

  13. And I thought I was busy! fab space with such a lot going on!

    Thanks for stopping by (better late than never for my visit, eh??? LOL)