Monday, February 7, 2011

Magazine Monday!

What spurs you into making a card? Is it the desire to be creative? Is it because you need one for an occasion?

For me this week, it happens to be both. I love to play... I've done more of it than writing this year. But I also have a very dear friend who's finding himself unable to do the things he's used to doing on a daily basis. It's trying for him and for his wife who has gone from having her daily routine sidetracked. I've been there and I know what she's going through. Maybe I should have sent her a card this week. Hmmm

But I knew Wally could use some cheering up so when I sat down to create the card for Magazine Monday last night, I knew it had to have a masculine flair.

I chose a card from the May 2005 Cardmaker Magazine. When I pulled the magazine off the shelf, it literally fell open on the desk to Butterfly Wishes by Karen Robinson . The card was all soft green and leaf patterned paper with a butterfly and sheer green ribbon. AND it was a Get Well card.

I thought it a bit feminine for Wally's card. So I pulled out the Elegant Soiree paper from SU. Have you seen this? It's beautiful, elegant and goes great with Baja Breeze SU CS. I just got this package and am already planning on ordering more next month.

Okay, back to the card. I followed Karen's basic design layout. Where she stitched around both mats as well as where the two papers met, I chose to only do the latter. She used a gold all-purpose sewing thread and machine stitched. I chose to hand pierce and stitch with a blue-toned crochet thread. I replaced the butterfly with an eagle. Wally likes eagles. I also bypassed on the ribbon and just added a touch of the Baja Breeze CS beneath the sentiment mat.

Mine isn't as elegant as Karen's. It's more basic and simple. But sometimes it's more about letting you someone know you're thinking of them than it is about the decoration.

Creative Blessings!


  1. Kelly, a perfect card for Wally. I love it. Love your choices of colors and the eagle... awesome!!! Hugs,

  2. Hey are so thoughtful yes he will like it ! the dp looks awesome...I really like the layout or desig enough to case it... Thanks in advance ! hugs Soni