Monday, August 22, 2016

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Traveling Along!

There are several things I love. Hard copy lists, planners and good deals rank high. I've been hearing lots about Travel Journals so when I found these Bohemian Travel Journals at Michaels for 80% off, I could not pass them up. I bought several colors... each with a project in mind.

Here's my first one:

Presently I carry a Monthly calendar from Dollar Tree AND a notebook in my purse. While I'm pretty sure this won't actually fit in my purse, This one does allow me to have both in one pretty package. I replaced the bee charm with a filigree heart locket and a key charm 

I started with this packet of border stickers from K & Co. and used them to decorate the cover as well as within the pages. The pages consisted of a signature of craft paper and a signature of white paper.

I measured the signatures and created a monthly page layout. 

I used Month and date stickers from The Paper Studio (another great deal at 50% off at HL)

Then decorated the inside pages with the stickers and some of the Washi Tape my husband is sure I hoard. :-)

I also added some lined paper from a To Do List pad I had on hand.

I'm looking forward to using this pretty travel journal for all the brain dump stuff that passes through my head when I'm out and about. 


  1. Oh, Kelly, I love this! I have those K&Co boarders, and lots of stickers and Hoarded Washi tape! Just not the cute little Jornal to decorate. You sure think of great projects. I probably could use something else. Thinking... Thanks for the idea!

    1. Look forward to seeing what you come up with, Sharon. I think Michaels may still have some of those journals. $2.99 a piece or there abouts.