Friday, November 16, 2018

FRIDAY FREEBIE - A bit behind

On my WOYWW post Wednesday I showed all the supplies for making two floral arrangements, one for Halloween and one for Fall, that never got done this year. But I did want to get them made as I'm in the process of going through all of the Halloween/ fall decor to determine what goes where in the house and what will go to the thrift store next week. I need to organize those seasonal items as I have my Christmas tubs, which I'll begin unpacking next week.

Here is a reminder of the items on my worktable:

I picked up the basket at Michaels during their 60% off sale back in September. I paid $8 and change. Not bad considering I'll be using the basket for both Halloween and Fall. The arrangements will be made to change out.

I chose the basket because I wanted to display it on my husbands high chair and prevent the antique (can I call it that without offending my husband?) from being a catch -all. During Christmas, the chair holds a mini Christmas tree. I'll need to figure out what to do for the rest of the holidays. Whatever I create has to fit on the tray. This basket was the perfect width and depth.

We were blessed to get this piece from his aunt before she passed away. Bob doesn't get why I wanted it. Men. LOL

After I did my WOYWW, I started with the Halloween display. I would have done both but I was a Styrofoam block short so I'm picking that up today and will show you the Fall one on Thursday of next week for a Thanksgiving post.

Here's the arrangement:

All of the floral pics came from Dollar Tree as well as the ghost, the jack o lanterns and the witch hats. The glittered twigs were from Michaels. The ghost is from Dollar Tree and is supposed to be motion sensored but I think he's blocked too much from the floral. 

I will be honest and tell you there is NOTHING on the back half. I ran out of floral picks, though I'm not sure how. There are approximately 12-15 picks of just the purple and black roses. While I'd like to fill in the back, I'm not sure if that would crowd the arrangement too much against the back of the chair. I may just fill the space in with sphagnum moss. I did reserve a few of the spider picks and glitter twigs to go in the back. Since it's after Halloween I'm not getting those florals this year so we'll see what next year holds. 

Basket - $8
Picks and foam blocks - $25
Ghost - $1

 The display was inspired by the Halloween door hanger I made last year. I had some of the roses left over so decided to run with the theme. Here's a reminder in THIS post.

Bob just texted. He is 5 minutes away. Gotta scoot!
Creative Blessings!

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  1. You lucky lady that high chair is a beauty and love the way you've used it. What do men know Lol! Hugs, Angela xXx